It happens sometimes
Bits and pieces from pieces 
that were written long ago
They creep into new pieces
To remind me of who I once was
To perhaps bring me to a new
Or better
Understanding of who I need to be.
Forever growing
Forever changing
Hopefully into a better me
A more serviceable me
Someone to love
To live
To prosper as god intended
Sometimes it doesn’t happen that way
Sometimes two steps back
Is what is called for
And doors open and close faster
Than the blink of an eye
A breath
Is not long enough for me to slip through
And I am left stranded
Wondering what to do
Where to turn
Which path to follow
In a moment
When time seems to stand still
A leap of faith is required
As a catalyst for change
But no guarantees
That it will be successful
The grass is never really greener,
And I can only hope that the
Window or the door I choose is the right one.
12/29/12 (c) nsl


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