The Happiest Place on Earth…

…or is it? Day One of our California adventure started off in…California Adventure. Quite fitting, I think. I think we brought the heat and humidity from the East Coast to California with us. I think at one point it was 97 degrees. No clouds. Humid. Not the perfect conditions for trudging through a theme park with three kids and a baby in tow, but they were all troopers. I think for the most part, we all had a great time. We walked through Cars Land, but the wait for the Racers was 110 minutes. We moved on, thinking we would get to it later in the night when the lines wouldn’t be as long. We rode Soaring over California. It was air conditioned. Lovely. We rode the Little Mermaid UnderSea ride. Air conditioned. Lovely. We rode Monsters Inc. Air conditioned. Still lovely, except for Ethan didn’t really want to go on that ride. I took Halle on her first roller coaster. That was actually a great experience.

And I had the best corn dog EVER.

We decided midday to head back to Grampy’s house to cool off in the pool. That was a fantastic addition to the day. The kids had a blast, and we all got some welcome relief from the heat. It actually cooled off quite a bit once the sun started setting. 

Dinner was at In N Out Burgers. Best burger I’ve ever had. With Animal Style fries. Just like the kid said. Heaven. The kids got their In N Out hats. 

By the way…at this point, we’re still thinking it’s the happiest place on earth.

So we head back to Disney, thinking that we will hop on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. We run through the park, only to get there and find the rides in Adventure Land have been temporarily closed for the Phantasma show. And the attendants are rushing every one along, and then the park plunges into darkness. Really? How are seven people and a baby carriage supposed to keep track of each other in the DARK???

We make it through. We get a little settled down and decide to ride the train through Disney back to Main Street for the fireworks. Uneventful, relaxing. We get to Main Street and watch the fireworks. 12 minutes and 24 seconds. I recorded them. Hopefully I can figure out how to post them later 🙂

Then the pain and agony starts. 

We now have to rush back over from Disney to California Adventure to get on the Radiator Springs Racers. The queue is deceptively wound under and around and through, so you can’t actually see how long the line is. We ask the attendant if he thinks we will make it on the ride before it closes (in an hours). He says, sure you will, go on in. After standing in line for an hour and 45 minutes, the kids are falling asleep and Ryan is frustrated beyond belief, but we are finally at the front of the line and about 15 people out from getting into a racer….

and the ride breaks down…

and they start it back up about 10 minutes later…

and the ride breaks down…

and doesn’t start back up….

…and this is no longer the happiest place on earth 😦


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