Juice du Jour – August 3, 2012

With the ever-growing interest in finding balance for a healthy lifestyle, yet not giving up the things I truly love (insert fast food, donuts, booze – you get the picture), I have been hot on the trail of the juicing trend. I hate to call it a trend or a fad because those terms imply that I will, at some point, drop it and move on to the next big thing. I hope not. I actually do enjoy juicing, and the health benefits I am getting from it.

That being said, I’ve decided to blog about my juice. I won’t write every day about the juice I’m drinking. I’d like to steer clear of redundancy and boredom. However, I will take the time to blog about the really great concoctions that come out of my juicer, and those not so tasty treats that end up on the epic fail list.

Today’s juice was more epic fail than great. It sounded like a solid way to up my antioxidants. I used my staple greens that I use in all of my juices – kale, romaine, spinach, broccoli and cucumber. Today I decided to throw in a pear and blueberries. I love pears and blueberries! They’re sweet, refreshing fruits. However, the juice that resulted, not so much. It was definitely the most bitter juice I’ve made so far, and there really wasn’t a hint of sweetness to cut that kale & romaine flavor. I was pretty much drinking essence of old grass. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ryan dumped his out on the way to work.

I did, however, drink that juice down. I couldn’t give up all of those juicy good nutrients. I do recommend, though, that if you’re looking for a sweeter juice, stick with apples and pears, grapes, even baby carrots to sweeten it up.

I think I’d like to try some watermelon, though. I’ll keep you posted on how that turns out 😉


One thought on “Juice du Jour – August 3, 2012

  1. Caitlin says:

    We ate at a little organic place in oxford called isador’s and they juice there. I tried a watermelon juice. It was very refreshing. It tastes exactly how you’d think. Tory’s mom will juice the rinds too. She says they’re excellent for you since they have all that exposure to the sun for such a long time.

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