Hello world!

Twitter is great for 140 characters. Facebook is fantastic for finding old friends, enemies, and even frenemies. I’ve had accounts on Myspace, hootsuite, tweetdeck, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, About Me…and countless other social media sites. I’ve had blogs for poetry, gaming, dating, weight loss, and numerous other topics. I’m tired of writing down passwords, looking them up, trying to remember where I wrote them so I can post an inane status update that no one cares about.

I just want to have a place to go where I can jot down a 4- word feeling that I happened to have in the car on the way to work when I managed to not run over one of the many chipmunks with death wishes who think it’s friggin’ hilarious to run out in rush hour traffic.

I really just want a place to write down that epiphany that struck while watching my boy dog flirt shamelessly with that girl dog he had known for less than 12 hours, that adorable girl dog that he had met not more than 5 hours after having his manhood taken away from him.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ll still tweet, when I remember that I have that app. I’ll keep posting status updates on Face Book. Instagram and Pinterest are firmly rooted in my routine of picture posting.

Here, though, here is where I will come to scream, rant, cry, laugh, stretch, sweat, fly, fall, and every other action that needs to be made. Every thought, emotion, feeling that must be freed or else will drive me stark raving mad; this is where I will come to let it all out.

This is where I will come to breathe.



One thought on “Hello world!

  1. guestinyourheart says:

    I’ll be reading your blog regularly!

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